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Why Your Business Needs an Animated Explainer Video?

More and more businesses are turning to the power of explainer videos to help grow their business and revenue. Why? Because it simply just works! But let’s break it down for you to see why it works.


Videos Help Your Website Rank Better

Look at the top performing websites. What is one thing they have in common?
They have videos. And many of them do not just have plain videos, but animated explainer videos.

Websites that just has long, boring pages of text and images just does not cut it anymore. Google ranks them lower than websites with videos and lower rankings means less exposure.
In today’s world, people make snap judgements and purchase decisions.
A good explainer video attracts attention and helps explain the product or service well to the prospect to make a purchasing decision.

With a video on your website, visitors also tend to stay on your website longer. This is a ranking factor in Google’s search engine algorithm which explains the huge surge in animation videos found online.

Videos Convert Better

Survey results have shown that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product or service if there is an accompanying explainer video.

By tracking the number of views of the explainer videos on their website, businesses can now know what services or products are more popular and work to increase their conversions.

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Explainer Videos Help Explain Your Product Better

Think about it. Do you learn better by reading or watching?

That’s why explainer videos work so well as they can be used to explain the benefits, functions and features of your service in easily understandable ways.

And this can easily differentiate the business from a competitor who does not have such an animated video, thereby generating more business.

People Love to Share Videos

Youtube and Facebook has made it very easy for people to share videos. The power of a ‘viral’ social share can spread your business message more widely and effectively than any other printed media can do.

These social signals coupled with the people’s love of videos can certainly let more people know about your company.

In fact, an explainer video doesn’t have to be just on your website. You can publish your videos in free video hosting sites like Youtube and Vimeo – thereby reaching out to an even great audience.

Remember: Videos are easily shareable and people are more likely to share and watch videos online than read an article on a website.
Word-of-mouth continues to be the main way that businesses attract
customers. If the customer likes your product, they’ll share your video.

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Explainer Videos Can Be Fun – Helping Your Pitch

The old school way of a paper pitch, powerpoint slides and pamphlets no longer engage your audience.

But if you take the time to craft a good script with accompanying visuals, this can capture, educate and persuade your prospects immediately.

Where an excellent explainer video helps the most is making a complicated product or service uncomplicated.

Explainer Videos Help Your Audience Retain Information

It used to be said that a picture paints a thousand words.

Well, now, a video shows a thousand pictures.

It has been proven that an average person retains 10% of what they hear, 50% of what they see.

So can you see what videos mean for your business?

If you are looking for a animation video company based in Singapore, we are here to help you craft your next explainer video that can grow your reach and revenues.


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Why Choose Explainer Video Singapore?

Every Business Have Different Needs.

Our consultants will work with you to understand your requirements and develop different video creation options for you – keeping always in mind the need for the videos to help your business grow.

One Stop Premium Quality

We provide a one stop animated video production service – from scripts creation, story boarding, illustrations and animation – all with the aim to deliver premium video service quality at the right price.

Consultative Collaboration

The video animation only works when you – the client – is involved.

We will work with you closely so that your inputs and insights will be used to develop the best possible animated video to showcase and sell your service.

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Explainer Video Services Offered

Video Conceptualization, Copywriting and Story Boarding

At the start of an explainer video project, we will work with you to understand the goals, product/services you want to offer and the target audience.

Once we have that, we will work out a concept and story board the video for confirmation. The message is carefully scripted for maximum persuasion.

Animation, Illustration, Voiceover and Music

In our animation studio, we will create and customize animated characters, motion graphics and add to that the right music with professional voice over – all the while delivering a premium experience for your prospects.

Video Marketing

Besides having the videos placed on your website, we also offer video marketing services to expand the ROI for the video created. This is done through a systematic and structured video marketing strategy that fits every budget.


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